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Associations in good hands

With over 218,000 members, OKRA is the largest association for people over 55 in the country. The many departments in Flanders organise excursions and activities every week. Coach Partners ensures smooth transport for many departments. The same goes for 45,000 Pasar member families. The socio-cultural association organises trips, holidays and tourist trips and is happy to call on our services.


Schools with confidence

Primary and secondary schools count on Coach Partners every day for the safe delivery of students. For day trips, school trips and a daily school bus service. In Bruges, Louvain, Tournai and Ghent, children and pupils board one of our school buses every day.


Top transport for top athletes

Top athletes deserve the best care. Especially when they have to travel for matches. Coach Partners is the official bus company for both football club KV Kortrijk and volley club Knack Roeselare. Our luxury coaches bring the players and trainers to the stadium safely and in optimal shape.


Request more references

Would you like more examples and references of our successful collaboration with private or public institutions? Call us. We would be happy and proud to tell you about the companies, associations and schools we drive for on the regular.

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